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How to measure your stump to determine your pricing

How do I measure my stump?
Referring to the illustration below, notice that the widest part of the stump is NOT across the trunk. The correct place to measure is ACROSS the WIDEST portion of the stump at GROUND LEVEL which includes any roots. Do not measure around the stumps circumference.

stump grinding diagram

After I get my measurements, how do I determine my cost?
• $3.00 per inch (includes leaving mulch)
• $4.50 per inch (includes removing all scrap material / mulch)
• If stump is more than 4"-6" above ground, an extra fee will apply

Is there any other information needed for my estimate?
• Type of tree (if known)
• If there are any large roots above ground
• The number of stumps you would like to have removed

Are there any other factors I should be aware of when it comes to grinding my stump?
• Please let us know of any underground utilities such as water, gas, electric, phone, etc.
• The machine requires a 36" minimum gate size to fit through small openings and fences.

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A minimum 36" gate size is required for the stump grinding machine to fit through small openings and fences.

pre ground stump

Prior to stump grinding, this stump will be measured at ground level to the end of the largest root.

stump removed by grinding

After the stump has been ground, debris is used to cover over the minor hole and restore the land to match its surroundings.